Welcome to Glamhouse Group. Through our innovative design collaborations with artists and style icons, we consistently deliver a unique and diverse perspective in jewelry and accessories. Drawing on over 125 years of expertise in the jewelry industry, we focus on creating covetable collections that resonate with our clients’ appreciation of style and creativity, season after season.

For more than a decade, Pascal Mouawad has lowered the velvet rope of Hollywood, forging strong links between celebrities and the world of fashion jewelry. 


Working closely with our in-house product development team, Glamhouse collaborators are provided with the right nurturing environment and expertise to create their unique pieces.

Product Development

Glamhouse offers an experienced in-house product development team with the tools and resources to successfully execute an end-to-end process, taking you from initial concept through to design and development.

Manufacturing & Production

With our years of experience in jewelry design, production and manufacturing is a key to our quality products. Offering enhanced sampling and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest standard of quality.

Sales Distribution

Our international sales team has strong global connections, helping your brand reach its optimal target audience and ensuring your brand exposure will be maximized around the world.


Existing brands are serviced by Glamhouse’s dedicated licensing department, whose white labeled solutions are designed to expertly reinforce your brand reputation while building on your existing brand audience.

Logistical Facilities

Located in Los Angeles, California, the Glamhouse distribution center ships thousands of products a month from its 15,000 square foot facility.


Born into a family that has owned a number of the world’s most significant diamonds, Pascal was immersed in the world of fine jewelry from a young age. Raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Pascal followed his graduation from high school with a move to Los Angeles to further his education.

The U.S., and specifically Hollywood, remained at the heart of Pascal’s vision for the company. Inspired by his father, who earned prestige as a choice jeweler for royalty across the world, Pascal brought an innovative twist to this family tradition by courting the glamorous “royalty” of the modern day—iconic celebrities—with Mouawad’s renowned European traditionsand craftsmanship. His creative vision came to fruition in 2000, when he partnered with Victoria’s Secret to design and build the most luxurious and expensive lingerie ever made, the multi-million dollar Fantasy Bra collection, covering some of the world’s sexiest supermodels in Mouawad diamonds.


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